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We have more than 1000 employees!

Last few years we’ve spent on expanding our workforce and the development of its competences. We are proud to announce that we hire more than 1000 people now!...

ITM - Cigars production line in Chile

For our client we’ve finished the implementation of a control system based on GE Versamax and iFIX SCADA components for cigars production line in Chile. For this project we’ve marshalled the control cabinets, programmed the controllers and launch the system on-site...

ASTOR Silver Partner

Thanks to our commitment to gain experience and knowledge of GE RX3i and Versamax PLC controllers and wonderware software platform We achieved the status of ASTOR Silver Partner!...

Academic Job Afair, Wrocław.

Wroclaw University of Technology on 8-9 March organized the 25 edition of the Academic Job Fair, in which Transition Technologies SA had the pleasure to participate. Our stand was located in the K sector, on the first floor. For candidates we had quizzes...

In Bocamina, Chile.

We implemented pneumatic transport of fly ash and bottom ash installation. The control system is based on two redundant controllers Siemens S7 400H. As I/O modules we used - ET 200M connected to the controller via Profibus. The driver defined about 1000 I/O...


Control Solution Center is part of Transition Technologies S.A dedicated for providing engineering services and implementation of advanced automation solutions. For our clients - mainly large industrial and municipal energy operators we implement digital automation systems, and facilities engineering services. Our control solutions based on DCS and PLC systems, we offer design and implementation modern control structures, development of I/O database, designing and implementing control systems, tuning systems, processes start-up, software maintenance services, training and customer support.


What differentiates us from others is the quality and complexity of our services.


  • Computer networks design
  • Databases
  • Hardware design (system + control equipment)
  • Control logics design
  • Graphic visualization design
  • System security configuration
  • Maintenance plan prediction


  • Control logics, graphics and process diagnostics implementation on site
  • Control and measurement equipment implementation on site
  • Start-up and shut-down sequences implementation
  • Graphics, trends and diagnostic windows generation

Start up and Commissioning

  • Technical support from the beginning of investment planning to on site implementation.
  • Site Management
  • Hardware installation
  • I/O checkout
  • Cold and hot tests
  • Complete system start-up


  • Simple devices tuning (motors, valves etc.)
  • Advanced devices tuning (turbines)
  • Whole system tuning (DCS, PLC)
  • Process tuning and optimization


  • Both site and remote services
  • System updates (updates and modification and complete system replacement)
  • Parch installation
  • Software service packs
  • IT security (advanced anti-virus software, backup recovery plan etc.)

Cabinet Assembly

  • Control cabinets assembly
  • Marshalling cabinets assembly
  • Cabinets project design (according to latest European norms and directives)

Quality of our skills

Throughout hundreds of projects we have learned that quality is undeniably crucial for development of the industry. Thanks to that, we’ve managed to create our own Quality Management System consisting either of polish and international standards.
Quality of our skills

Scope of our skills



  • HAZOP - Hazard and Operatibility Study
  • SIS / SIL3
  • KUZB
  • ESD
  • MILS
Programmable Controlers

Programmable Controlers

  • Siemens S5, S7 300/400/1200/1500
  • GE RX3i
  • Allen Bradley
  • SAIA
  • HIMA
  • Schneider Modicon
  • WAGO
  • B&R
Control and Visualization Systems

Control and Visualization Systems

  • Siemens PCS7 / WinCC
  • Emerson Ovation / DeltaV
  • Wonderware InTouch / InControl
  • RS View
Programmable Controlers

Communication standards

  • Modbus
  • Profibus
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • IEC 850 / IEC 870
  • OPC
  • Profinet
  • Ethernet
  • CAN

Our latest projects

Ratcliffe Power Station 4x500MW coal-fired power plant

Located near Nottingham in UK and owned by E.ON. Migration of Hard Desk, alarm management system EEMUA ASM standard, Turbine controllers, FGD, SCR, gas turbines, lab system with lot of links like Allan Bradley PLCs, PC Cutlass, Modbus, Fieldbus and Profibus

Osrołęka PP 3x200 MW reheating system

located north-east, of Poland owned by ENERGA Steam collection from turbines for heating system including thermal accumulator with preserving LFC and Island mode of Power plant

Aslancik Hydro power plant, 2 x 60 MW units

located - Harsit river, near Giresun city, Turkey. Fully controlled Start-up & Stop sequences, supervisory control of active and reactive power (power sharing for operating units) and Transmission line voltage control (BUSBAR Control) with lots of links between 12km distant Powerhouse and Dam and Turbine controllers (Rainpower), Excitation systems, National Dispatch Center, Auxiliary electrical systems.

Bełchatów PP fossil 12x390 MW units

located middle of Poland, owned by PGE. Modernization of Supervisory Control System with the Electrical part design, installation, commissioning and tuning and Profibus communication to Siemens devices.

Opole 4,1 coal 380 MW units Master Sequence

located south-west of Poland, owned by PGE. Design, programing & commissioning state of art of Master Start-up & Stop Sequence. Similar reference is owned only by Siemens.


Sales & Marketing Team

Piotr Ziemiński

Inżynier ds. Sprzedaży i Marketingu
Tel.: 723 188 647
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Daniel Oblamski

Inżynier ds. Sprzedaży
Tel.: 723 220 327
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Michał Sobótka

Inżynier ds. Sprzedaży
Tel.: 661 903 082
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Daniel Dziadek

Prezes Zarządu
Tel.: 605 651 915
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